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Station 1

Station 1 main

Station 1 was first located on Keyes Road off of Gessner. This was the original station of the Fairbanks Volunteer Fire Department. The “fire” phone was at the Fairbanks Post Office just south of the station. The phone was answered by a post office employee. One of the employees was the mother of Zay Winn, the clown, who was a member of the Fairbanks VFD and later Cy-Fair VFD. The station was relocated to 8600 Fairbanks-North Houston in 1978, then moved again to its current located at 9201 Rodney Ray. This station houses Engine 1, Booster 1, and Medic 1.

Station 2

Station2 main

Station 2 is located on 11210 Tower Oaks Blvd off of Jones Road. The property was donated by the Tower Oaks Civic Club members for use as long as there was a fire station there. The fire phone, first Fire Chief, and members lived in Tower Oaks. This station houses Engine 2, Booster 2, and Medic 2.

Station 3

Station3 main

Station 3 was also built on property donated for such use. The Telge Road location was close to Tin Hall, also known as the Cypress Gun and Rifle Club, a popular public gathering place. The fire phone was placed at the Bammel Grocery Store, located at the corner of Telge and Huffmeister Roads, also a popular gathering spot. In the early 1970’s, the station was moved to the Cameron Iron Works on Hempstead Highway. The new and improved facility had better access to the area. In addition to housing fire trucks, there was a meeting room and restrooms. This was the first station with those luxuries. In 1983, the station was moved to its present location at 11827 Telge Road. This station houses Engine 3, Rescue 3, Dozer 3, Rescue Boat 3, and Medic 3.

Station 4

Station4 main

Station 4 was located on property donated by the Zahn family. The fire phone was in the home of Victor Froehlich, a Charter Member of the department. The tin barn, which was the first fire station, was replaced in 1980 by a new building on the same site. The new station is located on the corner of Huffmeister and Cypress Rosehill road. This station was recently rebuilt to provide for the rapid growth in the area. This station houses Engine 4, Tanker 4, Booster 4, Mini-Booster 4, Medic 4, and Reserve Medic 504.

Station 5


Station 5 was originally an old garage barn next to Hooper’s Drive-In, 4529 Highway 6 North. The “fire” phone was inside the grocery store with an extension running to the house next door. This station was to move two more times, south of Hooper’s on Highway 6 and then to its present location at 16035 Aspenglenn North. This station houses Engine 5, Rescue 5, and Medic 5.

Station 6


Station 6 was first located off of FM 529 on Satsuma North at the dead end near a residential area. The “fire” phone was located in Bay’s Grocery, 12735 Spencer, which is still in business today. The station was moved to property belonging to Stewart and Stevenson at Emmott and Addicks-Fairbanks Roads. In 1987, the station moved north of that location to its new facilities at 6404 Eldridge between Emmott and West Little York. This station houses Engine 6, Booster 6, Reserve Engine 1, Medic 6, and Reserve Medic 506.

Station 7

Station7 main

Station 7 was the reopening of old Station 3 on Telge in 1979. This station remained in service until it was combined with Station 3 and moved to Station 3’s present location @ 11827 Telge Road. Old Station 7 was used for storage then later sold. Continued growth north on 290 in the Fairfield subdivision again created the need for another station. The developer had set aside a section @ 20444 Cypresswood Drive and a new Station 7 was built and opened to supply the needs in this area. This station houses Engine 7, Ladder 7, Booster 7, and Rescue Boat 7.

Station 8

Station8 main

Station 8 located at 18210 FM 529 West, was part of a rapid growth period in the early 1980’s. This station was slow in becoming a reality because of land problems and the fact that the members built the station themselves in their free time, taking one year to complete the project. This station houses Engine 8, Rescue 8, Booster 8, and Medic 8.

Station 9

Station9 main

Station 9 located at 7922 Highway 6 North, in Copperfield, was also slow in developing because of legal and political problems in Austin. This was the last new station to be built during the rapid growth period. Currently this is one of the busiest stations in the department. This station houses Engine 9, Tower 9, and Medic 9.

Station 10

Station10 main

Station 10 was first located on Jones Road and Fallbrook. Consisting of a small metal building with a portable building standing beside it, this was to be the first station to have a manned ambulance. The need for a larger facility to house personnel on a 24-hr basis brought about the relocation to 11631 Yearling Drive. This area continued to grow and a new station had to be built on land purchased behind old station 10 which is now located at 11310 Steeplecrest. Old Station 10 which is owned by the ESD was the original Maintenance Facility and currently houses the Auxiliary. This station houses Engine 10, Tower 10, EMS Supervisor 17, and Medic 10.

Station 11


Station 11 is located at 18132 West Road and is attached to Lone Star College-CyFair Emergency Services Education Center that is run by Lone Star College-CyFair that provides state level paid certifications.This building was funded by Harris County ESD #9 and is a joint partnership with Lone Star College-CyFair. On this location is the department’s fire fighter statue and memorial area honoring current and past members, as well as the department's 9/11 memorial. This station houses Engine 11, Booster 11, Rescue Boat 11, EMS Supervisor 16, and Medic 11.

Station 12

Station12 main

Station 12 is located at 19780 Keith Harrow Boulevard. This facility will service one of the fastest growing sections in the state. This station houses Engine 12, Tanker 12, Reserve Engine 3, and Medic 12.

Administration Building

admin bldg

The ESD and CFVFD Administration is located at 9630 Telge Road. This building was purchased in late 2002. This building houses our business offices.

Operations Building

operations bldg

The CFVFD Operations Building is located at 9520 Telge Road. This building was purchased in 2012 to meet the Department's growing needs.

Maintenance Building


The Maintenance Building is located behind the Administration Building. It is a state of the art eight bay facility. All department vehicles are maintained by this facility.

Auxiliary - Station 98


The Auxiliary station is located at 11631 Yearling Drive. The needs of the department have grown requiring additional resources of the Auxiliary. Out of this location they will house their Rehab 1 and hold their regular meetings.





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