The Quartermaster Group for Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department exists to provide support, customer service and research in order to have the right tools to do the job safely and efficiently for the members and community.

The Quartermaster Group was established in 2002 to manage the department’s suppression equipment, uniforms and bunker gear. This group has grown to a staff of 7 full and part time employees and currently maintains the departments turn out gear, uniforms, EMS supplies, SCBA, station supplies, foam, extinguishers, fire hose, research and development.  The Quartermaster Group also provides maintenance and annual testing for all the equipment including rescue tools.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department Vehicle Maintenance division is dedicated to providing safety to the Cy-Fair community and department through core values of Integrity, efficiency, innovation, hard work and the highest standard of maintenance and repair of emergency apparatus.

The vehicle maintenance group is a full service group that maintains, tracks, repairs and manages 100 plus pieces of the department’s rolling stock. This maintenance includes Quarterly, semi -annual and annual maintenance to all apparatus such as aerials, pumpers, booster, medic units, tankers, staff vehicles, trailers and the departments stand by generators. The vehicle maintenance group provides field and shop repair service 24 hours a day and manages a reserve fleet of pumpers, rescues, medic units and staff vehicles. The vehicle maintenance group also assists other groups with specialized installation and fabrication for department projects while constantly attending training classes and working to acquire new certifications and to stay current with new technology within the emergency vehicle industry.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance is dedicated to maintain facilities to ensure a safe, comfortable and functionable environment for the community and staff through hard work, pride and diligence of knowing the job was done right.

The Facility Maintenance Group provides maintenance and repairs to 17 department facilities. This includes normal facilities maintenance needs, repairs and special projects. The facility Maintenance Group provides annual testing of the facility protections systems such as sprinklers systems, alarm system, power generation and facility extinguishers. The Facility Maintenance group works with multiple outside agencies and manages multiple department contracts to keep the facilities operating 24 hours a day.