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About Us

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department (CFVFD) is located just outside of the Houston City limits.  We have a long and successful record of providing fire and emergency medical services to the citizens of northwest Harris County. From its beginnings in the late 1950's, the Cy-Fair VFD is now one of the largest, busiest volunteer Fire Departments in the United States. 

The EMS Division is staffed with over 100 full time employees who respond to approximately 25,000 EMS responses each year. CFVFD covers the 155-square mile area of Emergency Services District (ESD) #9 in northwest Harris County. Responding from 12 stations strategically located throughout the territory; the men and women of the Department are among the best-trained and equipped firefighters and EMT's in the nation.

In 1971, the need was justified for some type of additional first aid for the area. Graham Ambulance Service, located in Spring Branch, and the City of Houston were serving the community at this time.

A vehicle was purchased to be built-out as an equipment truck for first aid. A chassis was bought from Kitzman Chevrolet and taken to Koenig to have a box built on the back. Later the members added some stainless steel cabinets for extra equipment. The vehicle was housed at the Chief’s home since he was EMS-certified. There were not too many EMS-certified people in the Department then.

Cy-Fair VFD became involved in the ambulance business about 1980. Cameron Iron Works (now Wymann Gordon) purchased the first unit and donated it to the Department. The Department went on to purchase another used unit, a 1979 Ford module unit.

Later CFVFD purchased two new 1981 Ford van-type units for Station 5 and 10. In 1983, the Department bought the first Wheel Coach module. Additional units of this type were bought and have replaced some of the early units. With this fleet of ambulances, the EMS program grows stronger each year. Initially, the ambulances were staffed with all volunteer crews. Later, the two primary ambulances were manned with paid crews at nights.

Now, with the funding from Harris County ESD #9, CyFair Volunteer Fire Department staffs 11 Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU) with additional staffed units during the week, and 2 EMS District Chief vehicles which are staffed 24 hours a day.  As the Cypress area remains one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, this next year Cy Fair our department intends to expand to provide 2 additional stations with the ultimate goal of utilizing over 20 stations in the next 10 years. 

We are constantly growing and evolving to exceed current trends in medicine.  Over the years we have built a system which gives our clinicians the tools they need to perform their jobs; from state of the art crash rated ambulances with patient compartment air bags, stretcher power loads, video laryngoscopes and LUCAS 2 on all units.   We currently hold the highest award for Chest Pain management by the AHA, Mission Lifeline Gold Plus; managing over 200 STEMI’s annually with ROSC percentages above the national average.  The department is equipped, more than ever, to meet the challenges of prehospital medicine in the 21st century.  Whether it is embracing the latest technology in prehospital medicine, Just Culture to guide management, or changing from protocols to guidelines we are prepared to meet the needs of the community. As the department grows, it is our goal to seek the most qualified customer service oriented clinicians in the nation.  If you are up for the challenge, please apply now!